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Keira’s entire reputation is built upon the development of ethical computing. Her AI, Elly, is the testbed and best example of using her Moral Operating System. Her absolute dedication to improving kid’s lives could now put all she’s worked for at risk.

Her top two priorities yield dangerous consequences, if she fails. Her new boss’ nanites must be restrained with an upgrade to her MoralOS. The abusers she’s eavesdropping on while using that same SmartDust must be stopped.

Keira thought she and Elly, with her ethical framework, could keep everything under control. Against conventional wisdom, it’s not the AI’s moral decision making that’s the problem. It’s the people.

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100% of proceeds generated through the sales of Moral Code will be donated to help fight the child abuse and human trafficking of kids. We start with these donations to PreventChildAbuse.org and Thorn.org.

When we don't think like evil people, we design beautiful technology. Then someone comes along and twists our creations into bastardized tools.

~Roy Brandt, Moral Code character

About the Authors

Lois and Ross Melbourne

“Moral Code” is not the first collaboration for Lois and Ross Melbourne. Side-by-side, they grew their software business to a global award-winning organization, as CEO and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Now Lois’ storytelling brings to life Ross’ deep understanding of the possibilities within artificial intelligence and robotics. Parenting and marriage have been the easy part of this equation.

Lois is now writing books, having published two children’s books about exploring careers. “Moral Code” is her first but not her last novel. You can learn more about Lois at www.loismelbourne.com. Ross’ current work includes artificial intelligence and robotics. You can learn more about him at www.rossmelbourne.com.