Moral Code

Dive in and discover the newest of technologies and its improvement of humanity in Lois and Ross Melbourne’s hopeful science-fiction debut. Using their backgrounds as tech executives, “Moral Code” (Sept. 20, 2022, Nonlinear Publishing LLC) breaks barriers as a young engineer develops an AI for children only for others to pursue its code for their personal gains.

Keira’s entire reputation is built upon the development of ethical computing. Her AI, Elly, is the testbed and best example using her Moral Operating System. Her absolute dedication to improving children’s lives could now put all she’s worked for at risk. If she fails, her top two priorities yield dangerous consequences. Her new boss’s nanites must be restrained through an upgrade to her MoralOS. Eavesdropping with that same SmartDust, her anger rages at the abusers she hears. They must be stopped. Keira thought she and Elly, with her ethical framework, could keep everything under control. Against conventional wisdom, it’s not the moral decision making of AIs that’s the problem. It’s the people.

For fans of “Catfishing on CatNet” and the “Murderbot Diaries,” “Moral Code” eloquently and excitedly explores how artificial intelligence can not only set moral boundaries — but also how they can revolutionize the future.

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100% of proceeds generated through the sales of Moral Code will be donated to help fight the child abuse and human trafficking of kids. We start with these donations to and


“Smart, riveting and next gen…” —Pamela Wirth, CEO and author of Saving My Son

…a provocative science fiction novel featuring the union of two unrivaled, intelligent technologies. —Foreword Clarion Reviews

Moral Code beautifully explores the moral dilemma of technological advancement. The characters at the heart of the story are realistic, flawed, and innately human, and face decisions on a daily basis that most of us today will never have to wrestle with. This is not a black and white story, but an all encompassing battle between sides that are not so easily defined. The perfect read for sci fi fans looking for philosophical explorations and fantastic characters!” — Lucy a Goodreads review

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